Screenshot einer subjektiven Steinadler Flugaufnahme im Tannheimer Tal

Views from the back of a golden eagle we implemented for the first time in 2007. GoPro & Co. was not developed at that time. Meanwhile we’re producing those views in first-class cinema quality. We accompanied the Terra Mater Filmstudios with their cine film “Brothers of the wind“ as camera-developers and animal trainers for film when we utilizied these shots for the first time.

Here you can see an example of shootings which were constructed in line with the production of “Brothers of the Wind“:

Beispiele Point-of-view shots of golden eagles

Screenshot einer subjektiven Falken Flugaufnahme im bayerischen Voralpenland

First special views from smaller birds of prey we got with our Saker falcon Shaila in 2009. The very dynamic flight was a big problem, especially with horizontal flights. Gliding flights from big hights and nose dives caused less problems.

This set of problems to stabilize the images is solved by a sensor /optical unit on special falcon’s hoods. Therefor we develope the “Falcon-Burqaa-Cam“. First test-shots are running.

Till then we show you an example of one of the first successful HD shots out of the falcon’s subjective.

Beispiele Point-of-view shots of falcons

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