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Our falconry is located in Lenggries, a beautiful recreational area called "Isarwinkel". It is easy to reach from Munich, just within an hour by car or by train (Bayerische Oberlandbahn BOB).

Come and engage with the falconer in his daily business and training of eagles, falcons and owls: We offer Falconry Workshops and Falconry Adventure Days as well as individual Photo shootings with birds of prey. All our Falconry adventures take place upon prior arrangement.
Because of organisational reasons we no longer can offer public flight displays anymore.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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There are various "Moviestars" at home in our Falconry. Maybe you've seen our Golden Eagle 'Sky' in a few Nature Movies? With our specially developped camera system, the "EagleCam" we are able to accompany him on his flights through stunning alpine scenery. These impressive film sequences can be seen in movies like "Brothers of the Wind", documentaries and commercials.

Part of the EagleCam Team are also the Golden Eagles „Bruno“ and „Fritzi“. Videos of their flights equipped with the 4K and VR EagleCam have gone viral on social media. Paul Klima brings with him over ten years of experience and Know How with his camera technique and the corresponding custom fit training of his Golden Eagles – which makes "Der Falkenhof Paul Klima" the specialist in EagleCam applications of all kind.

Paul Luzern 570x380

Paul Klima is a falconer and film maker. For thirty years now he's been working with various birds of prey and owls and for over ten years he has devoted himself to the production of stunning footage filmed from the back of an eagle and the development of this innovative camera technique, the EagleCam.

You can encounter his birds in large movie productions like "Brothers of the Wind" as well as commercials, nature movies and top class documentaries by ARD, BBC or ZDF 'TerraX'.

You can accompany him during his training of these majestic birds while getting to know the daily business of a falconry, a great experience that he offers to interested individuals and groups.

Inh.: Paul Klima
Marktstr. 2
83646 Bad Tölz

Tel.: +49 (0)173 379 22 09
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