Steinadler Sky als Jungadler bei Dreharbeiten im Karwendel

Golden Eagle Sky - A real VIP!

  • * 2007 - Golden eagle / Aquila chrysaetos - male
  • wingspan: 2,1 m
  • weight: 3,5 Kg

Our Golden Eagle Sky is now a full-grown sexual matured adult with his final plumage. Instead of being ringed the eagle is equipped with a transponder chip, so he can play a wild eagle even in close-up shootings. He was the first eagle worldwide who wore a HD camera in 2007 - since then we get impressive shots of the "eagle view".  Sky is accustomed to helicopters, Cineflex cameras and camera cranes, and can fly in high-alpine terrain. By now he assisted in countless productions. Some examples are mentioned below: 




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