Sakerfalke Sokrates bei Dreharbeiten zur zweiten Staffel "Fluch des Falken" im KIKA

Saker Falcon Sokrates

  • * 2006 - Saker falcon / Falco cherrug - male
  • wingspan: 110 cm
  • weight: 750 g

Saker falcon Sokrates is absolutely unique! Although he was raised by falcons, he generated a partial imprint on humans. I have never seen such a falcon before who works with so much pleasure and effort, and enjoyes the company to a human, yes actually searches the proximity. This is why Sokrates is perfectly suitable for motion picture recordings with actors or work with models. He is used to work with strangers and stays open-minded and steady during work on film set. As an “old hand“ Sokrates meanwhile participated in a lot of bigger and smaller productions – an excerpt is listed below:



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