Steinadler mit Mikro HD Rucksack KameraTo produce unique pictures, that no one has ever seen before from the flight of the birds of prey, especial technical solutions are needed. Mainly the problem of creating subjective shots of high resolution and image quality from the birds of prey quickly led to the conclusion, that new camera systems had to be developed from the pike on to master the tasks successfully. The animal training school "der Falkenhof" (the falcon’s court) implements those technical solutions since 2007. We had begun with camcordes in HD but the overall size and the weight were just suitable to only a very  limited extent. With the help of degreed engeneer Werner Gripel we constructed an adjusted bird-camera based on a Contour HD helmet camera in 2010. Its weight was under 100 grams and the pictures were acceptable, so that they were broadcastet in the ZDF TerraX documentary "Germany from above".  Together with Fraunhofer ISS in Erlangen and with generous support of Red Bull Mediahouse GmbH we develope camera technique that comes up to that challenge excellent since 2011.

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