Modulares Mikro HD Kamera System Holgerson

Micro HD cameras in modular strucutre to perform flights from the view of the birds of prey and to generate qualitative high content, that can also be shown on cinema screens.

With this vision my contact with Frauenhofer ISS in Erlangen started. On a first meeting I earned enthusiastic interest on the part of the engeneer’s site after I showed first pictures in HD from the golden eagle’s view. But the actability caused some headache at this time. Meanwhile homework is done successful in many sectors. After we won over the Red Bull Media House GmbH to supply a first budget in 2011, we got the green light for the development of the first real "Eaglecam". With a matured camera system under 100 grams the favoured pictures could be produced. Details to our new developments will be shown shortly or can be read on the website of Frauenhofer Erlangen: 

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