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Hier in unserem Blog berichten wir euch von unserer täglichen Arbeit mit den Greifvögeln, am Falkenhof und besonders unterwegs zum Training und Filmaufnahmen mit der EagleCam. Wir freuen uns wenn ihr vorbeischaut.




HALLOO! The "Landshuter Hochzeit", the great medieval royal wedding the city of Landshut is celebrating, is only taking place once in four years - and 2017 there is an additional highlight. Our Golden Eagle Fritzie is flying with the EagleCam over the Old Town, starting on top of the church tower and landing on the castle walls. She changed the choreography a bit and chose the landing place herself - I was waving my rat in vain down there on the tourney grounds. Nonetheless, it was an impressive flight and we got some great material. The early rising paid off, so our Golden Eagle could bathe in the first golden sunrays of the day.
Have fun watching it on youtube.

Many thanks to Caro and Ursula for their support, the provision of the photos (too bad one can't be in two places at the same time - also it would help not to forget the memory card) and the warm coffee and treats.

We love to participate at the medieval festival in Starnberg. Though the falconry display with our Golden eagle and falcons is somewhat challenging between old apple trees, thick bushy flower beds and rambling roses, there is a fairy tale mood in the air that seems very calming in between show times. The sun was shining for us and we had a very interested and happy audience. Even the crows came in crowds to greet our Golden Eagle Hitchcock style - quite impressive.

Falcon and lure

Falconry display with Golden Eagle Fritzie

The Falconer and his Colombina

Checker Tobi, presenter of a kids science and knowledge series on KIKA and ARD channels, came to check out our Golden Eagles. For a new sequel he wanted to know more about seeing and the functioning of the eye in general. Since our eagle lady Fritzie is well known for her good looks, well, good vision also, the team filmed on our Falkenhof location together with Paul. Now every kid will know how we are doing this with the EagleCam thingie ;)

A glance over the shoulder

The second week of the holidays we went to visit our Golden Eagle Chick in its nursery at "Burg Landskron" in Austria. Two female chicks have hatched and the little girls are thriving, you can literally watch them growing! On the pictures you can easily make out which one of them has had a head start of a whole three days! We just made it in time to see them in their cute white fluff, they're just 5-6 weeks old now. In a few days they won't be much of it left. They'll be fully grown and wearing their juvenile plumage with twelve weeks. What a super speedy childhood - but no worries, they'll be teenagers for quite a few years after - and we are actually looking forward to it!

Paul with one of the Golden Eagle chicks

Looking around curiously...

Paul with his Falconer collegue Franz Schüttelkopf and both of the Golden Eagle chicks: Two very proud fathers!

Am Freitag war Paul Klima mit seinen zwei Steinadlern Fritzi und Bruno bei wechselhaftem Wetter in der Roten Vallepp zur Eröffnung der Bayern Tour Natur 2017. Mit dabei Umweltministerin Ulrike Scharf. Es gab auch ein erfreutes Shake Hands mit Wirtschaftsministerin Ilse Aigner, die Paul und Bruno schon auf dem Bayerischen Tourismus Tag letztes Jahr kennengelernt haben. Beide Ministerinnen stemmten unser 5kg schweres Adler Weibchen Fritzi mit links. Antenne Bayern war mit Moderator Florian Weiss vor Ort und dieser konnte sich durch den Adler auf der Hand sogar einen Kindheitstraum erfüllen. Insgesamt ein toller Tag für alle und am Ende hat sogar die Sonne gelacht.

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