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We visited, together with out two Saker falcons Shaila and Sokrates of our falconry in Lenggries, the "Universität der Bundeswehr München" (UniBwM) in connection with an academic project in Neubiberg three times this week. With Martin Heinold, who is doing his PhD about this topic, and his team of the Institute of Fluidmechanics and Aerodynamics of the (UniBwM) we fiddled about the measuring method and the whole test implementation so that the falcons could fly easily and without beeing touched of anything. Ten high resoluting high-speed cameras delivered brilliant pictures out of different views, while we trainer stand in the wind tunnel and let the falcons fly by a wind speed of 15m/s. Out of that surfacemodels and tridemensional models can be constructed that can later lead to new awarenesses of aerodynamics and geometry of the impact flight of falcons. In addition to this basic research boost and propulsion as well as information about the enegry efficiency could be gathered. We had a lot of fun during this project and the scientists and we falconers are proud of our two pilots Shaila and Sokrates and of their flights in the wind tunnel. 

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