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The second week of the holidays we went to visit our Golden Eagle Chick in its nursery at "Burg Landskron" in Austria. Two female chicks have hatched and the little girls are thriving, you can literally watch them growing! On the pictures you can easily make out which one of them has had a head start of a whole three days! We just made it in time to see them in their cute white fluff, they're just 5-6 weeks old now. In a few days they won't be much of it left. They'll be fully grown and wearing their juvenile plumage with twelve weeks. What a super speedy childhood - but no worries, they'll be teenagers for quite a few years after - and we are actually looking forward to it!

Paul with one of the Golden Eagle chicks

Looking around curiously...

Paul with his Falconer collegue Franz Schüttelkopf and both of the Golden Eagle chicks: Two very proud fathers!

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