Teilnehmerin beim Erlebnis Fotoshooting mit Greifvögeln

With my adventure photoshootings with the birds of prey you will get unique and incomparable picture series of yourself.

Before we begin with the picture series you will receive a short theoretical installation in the methodology of the falconry. A short bird of prey training follows in, so you can trust the animal and you can find the necessary looseness for the later shooting.

The photoshooting takes place outdoors. Close vicinity different, quite miraculous locations are available to us. According to light terms, personality of the model and the outfit, I select the fitting ones from these motives. Light is important! We work without artificial sources of light. Midday heat and incident light are absolutely taboo, hence, I tend to do the shootings either in the morning, or best of all late in the afternoon or in the evening. Photoshootings with the birds of prey will also be able to do in winter.

The pictures are selected by me and are reworked digitally if needed, or for example some pictures will be put in black-and-white or sepia.



Achievement extent:

- approx. 2 hour outdoor photoshooting with birds of prey

- common training and direct contact with the animals

- shooting different motives, with pleasure also in different outfits

- picture series enclose at least 2 fine art worked photos and 15 pictures in standard treatment/ colourgrading

- photo CD with digitally work on pictures will be sent by mail

- season: all year round

- costs: € 219.-

- costs couple-shootings: € 319.-

book adventure photoshooting in onlineshop

                       costs: 219€

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