Teilnehmerin beim Falkner Workshop


Learn the handling with the proud birds of prey in a falconer workshop and take part in a training session.

The falconer workshop is especially for interested individuals and small groups which want to get to know a short but intensive insight in the contact and training with my birds of prey.

During the 2 hour workshop we intensely deal with the methodology of the falconry and the training of single birds of prey. To me it's very important to show you how the training and familiarisation of a shy wild animal works and continues by trust and positive motivation until a wholeistic positiv realtion between the falconer and the bird is reached.

Besides general education contents I also work with special training forms in the film animal education and in the education in the classical pub hunt. 



Achievement extent:

- approx. 2-hour workshop on the subject falconry and bird of prey training

- common training and direct contact with the animals

- detailed theoretical and practical installation

- season from the mid of April till the end of October

- Participants max 6 people, your workshop is exlusive, we don't take external participants

- minimum age 12 years

- Costs: inclusively € 199.- regardless of the number of participants

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