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To become a falconer yourself for one day. To be very close to the kings of the winds. I can fulfill you this dream.

On the falconer's day, or falconer experience day, I show you my lived passion for the respectful contact with these unique animals. On this occasion it is not about a designed through action experience day, it's supposed to be more of a remaining impression which you will remember forever.

Besides the general animal nursing duties, its more about the methodology of the falconry. In the common training of several birds of prey we compile a logical picture how patient but consequent handling of a shy wild animal allows them to mature in a self confident partner who returns with pleasure to his falconer.

On days with regular visitor's traffic, the flight presentation of the birds of prey is a component of the experience day. If the falcon's court is closed tor the public, the animals from the flight presentation are integrated into free training units.



Achievement extent:

- several hours of the falconers experience Day

- contact to the animals and training them together

- have lunch together

- one free drink

- OPTIONALLY reminiscent photos of the experience day can be booked to it in our onlineshop

- season from the mid of April until the end of October

- participants: max 4

- minimum age 12

- cost: Monday - Friday € 159.-, Weekend € 189.-

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