Schülergruppe bei der Naturerlebnistour im Falkenhof


Furthermore I offer beyond the airshow adjusted environmental education programmes, especially for schoolclasses and groups of children. In addition to school’s education an the „forest-classroom-programme“ we can learn more about the function and the special skills of native predators in the balance of nature. Not to occupy us just with birds of prey we’ll make a little hike to a nearby mountain stream where we identify the cleanliness of the water (called: „biologische Gewässergütebestimmung“). Therefor we capture microorganisms of the streambed and observe them. The identification of the species leads us to the conclusion of the quality of the water. The „forestclassroom“ is adequate for every school year and will be adapted age-based. Although the programme is suitable for children’s birthday parties or other groups of children. Minimum of participants are 10 or a minimum flat rate of € 100.-

Costs: € 10.- per person, inclusive the entrance and the airshow. Teachers are free.

Of course only the airshow can be visited without the additional programme. Then the regular admission price is to pay.


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